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We currently offer the following products for licensing and sublicensing. These technologies serve to enhance delivery of therapeutics for better treatment efficacy.  3P has also developed novel means to isolate and enhance plant therapeutics.
Science and Tech

Exosomes as Therapeutics


Exosomes are naturally occurring nano-sized particles produced and released from all cells. They can be found in all bodily fluids and function in multiple capacities of intercellular communication. The 3P team and their collaborators have shown that these small vesicles can be used for targeted delivery of bioactives including small molecules and biologics such as siRNA.

3P Biotechnologies, Inc. has developed and patented methods to isolate and prepare large amounts of naturally occurring exosomes from bovine milk and colostrum.

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implantable devices

Implantable Devices

3P and their collaborators have developed and tested a novel uterine cervical implant device, PolyC™, for drug delivery that continuously releases drugs locally for the treatment of high-risk patients with advanced cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, and other cervical, vaginal, and vulva diseases. The PolyC™ implant, prepared from a cost-effective and biodegradable polymer, polycaprolactone, promises a major advance in the treatment of cervical pathologies in women.

plant Therapeutics

Plant Therapeutics

Glycosides of anthocyanidins are the bioflavonoid compounds responsible for the colored pigmentation of various fruits, vegetables, grains and flowers. These compounds are most widely known for their antioxidant properties and are remarkable for their capacities as anti-inflammatory and cancer therapeutics. 

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