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EXOSOMES As Therapeutics

Exosomes are naturally occurring nano-sized particles produced and released from all cells. They can be found in all bodily fluids and function in multiple capacities of intercellular communication. The 3P team and their collaborators have shown that these small vesicles can be used for targeted delivery of bioactives including small molecules and biologics such as siRNA.

3P Biotechnologies, Inc. has developed and patented methods to isolate and prepare large amounts of naturally occurring exosomes from bovine milk and colostrum.  


In cell culture as well as small animal models, the milk/colostrum exosomes have demonstrated neither toxicities nor problematic immunogenicity, as is often seen with viral-based carriers. The exosomes are readily taken up by cells, and in animal models, their distribution appears to depend on the route of administration, with oral dosing yielding the most uniform tissue distribution.

3P Bio’s exosomes have been loaded with a number of different types of molecules including the chemotherapeutic paclitaxel and various nutraceuticals which substantially improves oral bioavailability and efficacy including curcumin, one of the top dietary supplements in today’s market. Large molecules and biologics such as siRNA have also been successfully loaded and delivered in vivo.

3P Bio is well under way in developing methods for production of large quantities of milk/colostrum exosomes that can be used for human and animal health benefits, such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical formulations.

Our Exosome Factory
Our Exosome Factory
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