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Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

3P Biotechnologies is a science-driven company and is conducting pioneering
research in gene therapy to combat cancer and Covid-19, two of them most vital
concerns in current public health. Our proprietary delivery system using milk and
colostrum exosomes is uniquely poised to safely shield and transport its genetic
cargo through the harsh internal milieu to the target site.
Unprotected RNA/DNA materials are inherently labile and prone to degradation
by endonucleases – a major limitation to clinical development in gene therapy
today. 3P’s exosomes, through their natural trafficking capabilities, can overcome
this limitation and increase the bioavailability of their genetic cargo.
3P utilizes a unique nano delivery vector in a 3-pronged strategic approach to
selectively target specific genes and receptors for these insidious diseases:

  1. Short interfering RNA (siRNA) to knock-down targeted genes

    • 3P’s current targets:

      • KRAS – lung cancer

      • Spike protein – Covid-19

  2. Plasmid cDNA to knock-in missing genes/proteins

    • 3P’s current targets:

      • p53 – lung cancer

      • p53 – pancreatic cancer

Our strategies combined with our unique delivery vector have a widespread
application for a range of diseases and can be applied individually, in
combination with each other and/or in combination with small molecule therapies
to mitigate multiple targets thereby increasing the likelihood of overall efficacy.
3P’s propriety protocols can furnish exosome quantity needed for clinical studies.
Exosome production protocol is simple, cost effective and commercially scalable.

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