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About 3P Biotechnologies


The mission of 3P Biotechnologies, Inc. is to identify plant bioactives and novel delivery systems that yield health-beneficial effects and provide efficacy to people at high risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, via non- or minimally-intrusive measures. Our scientists and staff believe in the intrinsic value of using natural products to Prevent disease and thereby Protect and Promote health – hence, the name “3P”. The company is currently advancing three platforms: two of them involve drug delivery technologies and a third uses a methodology developed by 3P to isolate plant bioactives such as anthocyanidins for use in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and foods and beverages. 3P’s proprietary technology can also enrich other plant bioactives such as lutein, green tea polyphenols, ellagitannins and cytotoxic withanolides. 3P Biotechnologies is located in Louisville, KY - “Kentucky Proud”

Kentucky Proud

how we began

Having worked in the field of plant bioactives to discover their human health benefits for over two decades, it became increasingly clear that a major shift of focus was necessary in order to translate our laboratory discoveries to directly impact people’s health and quality of life. A decade ago, we realized that the efficacy of a compound is best dictated by its delivery and absorption by the human body system. While continuing efforts as a tenured Professor and Scientist at the University of Louisville, Dr. Gupta launched 3P Biotechnologies with the intent of licensing innovative drug delivery technologies which he and his collaborators developed at his academic institution for further advancement and commercialization. 3P Biotechnologies attracted a number of Federal and State grants and private investments to pursue these goals. In addition, some of these technologies have recently been licensed/sublicensed to globally-recognized pharmaceutical companies.

How We Began


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3P has received funding from the National Institutes of Health, Kentucky State Government, private investments, and sponsored research from our licensees.

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